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Shu Keming

Yixing, China Contemporary Purple Clay Art Central and Eastern Europe Touring Exhibition

Inheritance and Development of Xingyou Aesthetics


Formato: 285x285x20 mm - pp. 206 - illustrato colori - copertina con scritte in UV serigrafico spessorato
Edizione: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-8486-794-0
Product ID: 3323


The Yixing clay teapot sets originally are utensils used in the practice of the Tao of tea in Chinese tea drinking ceremony. The making of the clay teapots derived from various origins and different schools demands the undivided devotion of the clay artists with their unique craftmanship respectively from the processing and cultivating of the discreetly selected clay to begin with and the plastic shaping and artistic carving and glazing as its final finishing stage. A group of eminent teapot makers of the late 16th century such as Gung Chuan ( 供春) and Shih Da-bin ( 時大彬) had already begun to express their individual feelings and ideas through the creation of their works by uniting the pragmatic approach and aesthetic concern at once. The finest of their achievements both stylized and spontaneous could be regarded as the highest artistic performances of Tao, the expressions and illuminations of the proper controlled vital forces of life.